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Chinese airlines suffer from false terror threats
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 Chinese airlines and airports have suffered more than 80 cases of false terrorist threats so far this year causing panic among the public, a court official said Sunday.

Those involved in fabricating and deliberately spreading false terrorist threats will receive harsh punishments ranging from detention to a jail term of up to five years, or more for those whose actions have severe consequences, said Lyu Guanglun, an official with the Supreme People's Court at a press conference.

The court published explanations, effective from Monday, on how cases should be tried.

From May 15 to 18, there were six cases of fabricating bomb threats in China, causing plane diversions, emergency landings and delays of 22 flights in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, said the court's spokesman Sun Jungong.

According to the explanations, once flights have been delayed or security checks have to be carried out again due to false terrorist threats, those involved will face criminal charges. Those causing direct economic loss above 500,000 yuan (81,700 U.S. dollars) to airliners will receive jail terms of more than five years.

People who make and spread terror threats to cause disorder or evacuation in airports, stations, ports, shopping malls and theaters will face criminal charges.

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