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Die Die Life of
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Die Die Life of a mold material properties, chemical composition, structure, hardness and comprehensive reflection of metallurgical quality. Among them, the material properties and heat treatment affect the quality of the most obvious. Mold material properties on the impact of die life is great. If the same workpiece, using a different mold material of the bending test, the test results: The 9Mn2V material, the life of 5 million; with Crl2MoV nitriding, the life of up to 40 million. Therefore, the choice of materials, the batch size should be based on workpiece, rational use of mold materials. The hardness of the die parts to Die Life a great impact. But not the higher hardness, longer die life. This is because the hardness and strength, toughness and abrasion resistance are closely related. Some die demands of high hardness, long life. Such as the use of T10 steel dies, hardness 54 ~ 58HRC, only washed thousands of times a burr on the workpiece great. If the hardness to 60 ~ 64HRC, the grinding life of up to 2 to 3 million. However, if continue to improve hardness, fracture occurs earlier. Some die hardness should not be too high, as the die manufacturing using Crl2MoV 58 ~ 62HRC hardness, the general life of 2-3 million, invalid form of chipping and cracking, and if the hardness down to 54 ~ 58HRC, life expectancy increased to 5 ~ 60 000, but decreased to 50 ~ 53HRC hardness appears easy to blunt the die edge phenomenon. Thus, mold hardness must be based on material properties and failure modes may be. Should enable the hardness, strength, toughness and wear resistance, resistance to fatigue strength needed to achieve a particular stamping process the best match.

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