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Stanley Powerlock Tape Measure
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It could be very challenging to locate a superb tape determine these times – unless you have entry to some Stanley Powerlock, that is. Powerlocks possess a traditional no-frills lookup and really feel which make them effortlessly recognized among hobbyists and pros alike.

Although tape actions are very ubiquitous, they are not all created the same. In fact, there are so very a few mediocre (or worse) tapes from no-name makers around, that very a few people do not even know what a superb tape determine feels like!

Since this may nicely be considered a mini review, I will make an effort to acquire concise. The subsequent comments are centered over a 25′ Stanley Powerlock which i experienced been utilizing for about two many years now.

Blade (25′ x 1′)

Stanley statements a standout of 7′; we’ve repeadedly attempted the standout to acquire ~7.4′, (but not devoid of some standard sagging)
Markings are bold, sharp, and obviously printed near to the blade
best suited after two many years of use, there is no discernable arranged on or fading near to the blade


Grooved grip near to the metal plan is simple, however comfortable
Blade slides out quickly and effortlessly with tiny friction
Blade retracts slower to keep away from violent blade whiplash
Sturdy lock holds blade securely


Sweaty arms and metal bodied tape actions do not combine well…

Overall, I extremely suggest Stanley’s Powerlock tape measures, specifically supplied that they are affordable adequate to replace if or when they are dropped as well very a few times. Their 25′ Powerlock may nicely be an amazing go-to tape determine regardless of its individual downside. If my Powerlock tape actually kicks the bucket, I’ll probable replace it with one of all those Stanley FatMax bimaterial-grip versions.

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