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Die & Mould Industry Structure in Industrial Organization
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China's mold industry is relatively backward and still could not be called an independent industry.  Mold manufacturer in China currently can be divided into four categories: professional mold factory, professional production outside for mold; products factory mold factory or workshop, in order to supply the product works as the main tasks needed to die; die-funded enterprises branch, the organizational model and professional mold factory is similar to small but the main; township mold business, and professional mold factory is similar.  Of which the largest number of first-class, mold production accounts for about 70% of total output.  China's mold industry, decentralized management system.  There are 19 major industry sectors manufacture and use of mold, there is no unified management of the department.  Only by China Die & Mould Industry Association, overall planning, focus on research, cross-sectoral, inter-departmental management difficulties are many.

   Mold is suitable for small and medium enterprises organize production, and our technical transformation investment tilted to large and medium enterprises, small and medium enterprise investment mold can not be guaranteed.  Including product factory mold shop, factory, including, after the transformation can not quickly recover its investment, or debt-laden, affecting development.

   Although most products factory mold shop, factory technical force is strong, good equipment conditions, the production of mold levels higher, but equipment utilization rate.

   Price has long been China's mold inconsistent with their value, resulting in mold industry "own little economic benefit, social benefit big" phenomenon.  "Dry as dry mold mold standard parts, standard parts dry as dry mold with pieces of production. Dry with parts manufactured products than with the mold" of the class of anomalies exist.

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