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mold industry supporting materials, standard parts of present condition
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Over the past 10 years, especially the "Eighth Five-Year", the State organization of the ministries have repeatedly Material Research Institute, universities and steel enterprises, research and development of special series of die steel, molds and other mold-specific carbide special tools, auxiliary materials, and some promotion.  However, due to the quality is not stable enough, the lack of the necessary test conditions and test data, specifications and varieties less, large molds and special mold steel and specifications are required for the gap.  In the steel supply, settlement amount and sporadic users of mass-produced steel supply and demand contradiction, yet to be effectively addressed.  In addition, in recent years have foreign steel mold set up sales outlets in China, but poor channels, technical services support the weak and prices are high, foreign exchange settlement system and other factors, promote the use of much current.

   Mold supporting materials and special techniques in recent years despite the popularization and application, but failed to mature production technology, most still also in the exploratory stage tests, such as die coating technology, surface treatment technology mold, mold guide lubrication technology Die sensing technology and lubrication technology, mold to stress technology, mold and other anti-fatigue and anti-corrosion technology productivity has not yet fully formed, towards commercialization.  Some key, important technologies also lack the protection of intellectual property.

   China's mold standard parts production, the formation of the early 80s only small-scale production, standardization and standard mold parts using the coverage of about 20%, from the market can be assigned to, is just about 30 varieties, and limited to small and medium size.  Standard punch, hot runner components and other supplies just the beginning, mold and parts production and supply channels for poor, poor accuracy and quality.

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